Champers Balloon Stylist

Gender Reveal Balloons


A large balloon filled with confetti is a great way to reveal your exciting news. Hand over your envelope. We will do the rest and wait for the big surprise.

Gender Reveal

Large Confetti Balloons

Discovering the gender of your unborn baby at the same time as your family and friends is an incredibly exciting and unfogettable moment in life. If you are holding a gender reveal party for your family and friends, use a gender reveal balloon to make the reveal go off with a bang! There are a few options for gender reveal balloons. All we need is the sealed envelope from the Imaging Sevice provider (as we don't want any peeking before the big reveal!), we fill the balloon with either pink or blue confetti, add some additional balloon decor to the arrangement and when it is time to announce the gender, you burst the balloon which will release a shower of confetti. The effect is dramatic and so exciting as we have seen from those parents to be that have shared their videos with us. Call us so we can help make your reveal dramatic and exciting.